bluebiird asked:

I know you get asked a lot about the way you edit your images, but I was just wondering, do you create a filter for your images and then apply that filter to all your photographs. Or do you tweak each photo individually. I am asking this, because I'm not sure whether this is a better process to go through when editing my own photos and creating my own style.

I have over time become more and more organized about saving presets in Lightroom from photographs that I think are unique. Once I start playing around with a new photo, I will try out some of those presets on it.  But the preset only gives me a rough ballpark. The remaining 90% of the time spent on processing the photo involves tweaking it individually to make it feel good. Indeed, the majority of the times the final adjustments are significant enough that I will create a new preset just for that photo. 

Hope that helps.  Also, if you are interested in learning the specific types of adjustments that I’ve done to a photo, then you might be interested in obtaining some of my Lightroom presets (you get to select the photos you want the presets for).