tutururu asked:

*** I don't have work to show them O: )how do you convince them to go to your house? or you go to theirs?, when they arrive at your place, what do you do before the shoot? when it's done, do they leave immediately or you talk/have some coffee with them? how long is the photo shoot? and do you send them the pictures when are done? I know these are so many questions! but I would appreciate it so much <3 thankyou!!! and happy new year! wish you the best

I usually shoot people in my house. There’s not any convincing needed. If there needs to be convincing, then maybe there’s something wrong in the approach. We talk some before the shoot. But we usually get straight to shooting right away. I don’t have hair stylers and make up people, or lights and props. It’s just me and the model, and some light. Shoots can go anywhere between 1 and 3 hours. Sometimes I’ll make a coffee and we’ll sit down to talk. But most often we shoot throughout. Often the girls are coming from out of town, so they usually get back on the road once we are done. My process for working on photos is extremely erratic and it depends entirely on how much I liked the shoot. If I love it, I’ll send them 10 photos by the end of the same day. But sometimes I can go for weeks or months without being able to find something that I like. Hope this helps. All the best to you.